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Lombard Village President Giagnorio Looks Forward to Continued Momentum in 3rd Term Push



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Lombard Village President Giagnorio Looks Forward to Continued Momentum in 3rd Term Push

Election Day is Tuesday, April 6th with early voting commencing February 25 at DuPage County Complex, March 22 at remote locations throughout DuPage County

Election season is upon us and this year it will present many challenges as campaign events, candidate forums, and walking door to door have certainly been curtailed by current Covid-19 protocols.  While disheartening not to be able to engage one-on-one in person with residents between now and election day Keith Giagnorio’s commitment to continue to serve a third term as Lombard Village President is stronger than ever. 

The past eight years have been the most interesting, educational, and satisfying years of my life.  To say that any given day in the life of village president “is like a box of chocolates...” would be an understatement.  Each day I look forward to the challenges the new day brings.  Customer service has been the heart and soul of my professional life and serving as village president is no different. 

Are there differences in opinion or view on issues in the village?  Of course but through it all I have listened and debated and have set the course towards success for the village. A confrontational government, on the other hand, would isolate, divide, and challenge the community.  The voices and opinions of all constituents need to be heard for Lombard to have a commitment to the broader community I strive to serve.

The number one responsibility of village government is to provide excellent core services to our residents.  Lombard’s police, fire, public works, and community development each have professionally managed staff that provide residents the best services.  I am committed to that belief today and will remain committed to see that continue for the next four years.

To serve as Village President is an honor that I truly respect and am most proud of.  I have and always will listen to your voices, understand your goals and dreams, and be guided by deep rooted Lombard pride.  I have not once started anything that I don’t plan on finishing.  No village president’s job is ever complete…mine is no different…but know many positive changes have been made.  Today we have cohesive board relations and a thriving economic development environment to name a few.  There is always more to be done and exciting things are in motion from the Golf Social development (Seminary property) to the 101 S. Main St (Lilac Station) development to the forthcoming Sid Harvey property (N. Main Street) flood control project.  In addition we are seeing continued revitalization/redevelopment in the Yorktown Center area, police body cameras forthcoming, improved and streamlined online permitting, ongoing downtown core improvements, and so much more.

This past year has taught us all many life lessons. Ones trust in government has been tested many times and yet Lombardians continue to persevere and we move forward together.  On top of navigating through the global pandemic Lombard has faced a tornado, record flooding, and near constant economic uncertainty.  Despite these challenges Lombard has risen above it and we are stronger as a community.  With your continued trust and support we can work together in my third term.  Your voice will be heard, our community goals will be achieved, and our dreams can become a reality.

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